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In order to go maximise your posts using hashtags, you must use a combination of hashtags for effective results. These hashtags can be grouped into 3 categories:

Large Hashtags
Highly Competitive And Common Hashtags
Medium Hashtags
Highly Searched Hashtags With Low Competition
Small Hashtags
Niche-Specific Hashtags With Low Search Rate

We Provide You  Recommended Hashtag Combinations

Getting optimal results isn't just about the hashtags you use - it's also about how you combine them. Diverse hashtag sets are vital for ranking highly on the explore page. Luckily, we take all the guesswork out of creating these combinations. Our team of experts manually group your weekly hashtags into 'recommended' sets, so you can copy and paste them in seconds from your dashboard!

Included Dashboard With Expert Growth Strategies For 2020

Learn how to create viral content around the hashtags we provide alongside other new growth strategies to maximise your results every single month!

  • How To Optimise Your Profile

  • What Type Of Content To Post

  • How To Increase Engagement

  • How To Design Beautiful Posts

  • Content Creation Templates

  • Monthly Growth Strategies

  • How To Use Hashtags Properly

  • Comment And DM Templates


New Growth Strategies Updated Monthly On Our Dashboard

Our goal is to give you the best chance possible to grow your Instagram to its fullest potential. No bots, no automation tools - just organic and proper viral growth! We update our strategies every month to ensure you are never out of touch with what's working with Instagram's algorithm, allowing you to crush your competition.

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We show you how to copy your hashtags in a unique way so they are hidden whenever you post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Account Safe?

Our service is by far the safest Instagram growth solution available. Hashtags work within Instagram's terms of service and are actually encouraged by Instagram! We don't require your password and never perform any actions from your account - keeping you 100% safe at all times.

Can I Cancel At Anytime?

Absolutely! You can cancel your subscription at anytime, however we are sure you'll continue to love InstaBoom's results once you get started! Since the entire growth is organic, the results will remain after you cancel your subscription! You can cancel your subscription at anytime through your account's settings page.

How Fast Will I Grow?

Most of our clients who use our tools grow from ~1-10k followers per month. We provide growth strategies which when combined with great content work to their highest ability to maximise your accounts potential.

How Do You Grow My Account?

To help you grow your account, we provide you with AI Researched hashtags every week in your chosen niche. In addition to this, our dashboard also contains working strategies to help you improve all aspects of your Instagram account and explode your growth accordingly. We update our hashtags and other strategies every week to ensure the most effective ones are always available to you. We update our other strategies weekly to add new working features and updates to Instagram's algorithm. This ensures you are never out of touch with what's working and always ahead of the game.

Will My Followers Disappear If I Cancel?

No. All your followers gained by InstaBoom will stay even after cancelling your plan. They're all real followers and will continue following/engaging with your content.

Are My Followers 100% Real?

Yes. Followers are gained through using strategic hashtags to attract users in your chosen niche. Therefore, your followers will be interested in your content and will follow you for that reason - making them a legitimate fan.

How Long Does It Take To See Growth?

You can get started immediately after signing up for your free trial. The faster you begin implementing the hashtags we provide you on new posts and using our strategies, the quicker you'll begin experiencing very noticeable growth. Our fastest growing clients are growing up to 10k real followers monthly with our strategies!

How Can I Maximise Growth?

The best ways to maximise growth include posting at least once a day, be in constant communication with your audience and posting high quality content likely to hit the explore page with enticing captions to encourage feedback from followers. We teach you all of these strategies and much more on our dashboard after starting your trial.